Mirzoyev Ogabek

"I've lost my mind doing this. Like Vincent van Gogh. He dedicated his life to his art and lost his mind in the process. That's happened to me. But f--k it." - Conor MacGregor(former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion,the first UFC fighter to hold UFC championships in two weight classes simultaneously)

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About Me.


I am very curious, very curious,... errors, bugs, failure are not my enemy, they are my mentors, I learn something from them, I look at my work as a masterpiece, just as da Vinci gives colors to paintings, I feel my codes are part of art. i do ... yes ... i lost my mind ... and then i found it again ... i know for sure that what i did will be automated tomorrow

  • My Skills Are: Python | JavaScript | HTML | CSS | SQL | PostgreSQL| MySQL | Redis| RabbitMQ | Django | FastAPI | Flask | Postman | NoSQL | Git • AWS | Cloud Computing | CI/CD | TDD | Docker | Kubernetes | Terraform | Unit Testing | Celery | Websockets |SqlAlchemy| Alembic|Minio




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